What does "/confdConfig/cli/showTableLabelsIfMultiple" mean in confd.conf?

/confdConfig/cli/showTableLabelsIfMultiple (boolean) [false]
showTableLabelsIfMultiple is either “true” or “false”. If set to “true” then table labels will only be
displayed if multiple tables, or a table and additional data is displayed. If set to “false” then table labels
are always shown if they exists and tableLabel is enabled.

Above is the description in confd user guide. But I don’t understand what is multiple tables? what is tableLabel? When it is set “true”, could you please show me an example using confd native command?

Thanks a lot!

Table label refers to the label for the table. The table label isn’t shown by default.

Multiple tables refer to multiple lists in your YANG model. For example, having multiple lists within a container will cause multiple tables to be shown when you do a show on the container.

For more help on CLI specific questions, it is best to raise a ticket with our support team.

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