What is the difference between config false node without tailf:cdb-oper and config false node with tailf:cdb-oper?


When I removed tailf:cdb-oper from the load.yang module of examples.confd/cdb_oper/loadhist, I seemed that it worked properly.
I could still read and set the node with CDB API.
Can I omit to add tailf:cdb-oper or is there any difference in the behavior when I add tailf:cdb-oper?


The tailf:cdb-oper statement in the examples.confd/cdb_oper/loadhist/load.yang example says:

tailf:cdb-oper {
        tailf:persistent true;

So the purpose of the tailf:cdb-oper statement in the example is to 1. indicate that the operational data is stored in CDB (it is stored in the CDB operational datastore even without the tailf:cdb-oper statement) 2. have the data stored persistently to survive restarts.

From the tailf_yang_extensions(5) man page:

tailf:persistent If it is set to ‘true’, the operational data is stored on disk. If set to ‘false’, the operational data is not persistent across ConfD restarts. The default is ‘false’.

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