What is the significance of tag_value_array return value?

Hi All!

We faced an issue where if the number of return parameters don’t match the pattern in the yang the same is silently discarded at confd. Should we check the return value of confd_data_reply_tag_value_array to know if it was sucessfull ?. Btw we found in our case we are missing one element and later added the same and issue is resolved. Would like to know if their is any provision to know if the reply given is wrong or failed via some log ?. I see if a wrong type is given we get an error in the confd, but when a parameter is missing it discards and don’t throw any error.



do you mean confd_data_reply_tag_value_array function? The reason some values can be omitted is that
application/user does not want to provide them, in case they are optional.

From the ConfD User Guide

the values are tagged with the node names from the data model - this means that non-existing values can simply be omitted from the array

If you want to force all data to be returned, you may use confd_data_reply_value_array where you return just confd_value_t array in the same order as in the data model.