What is the way to suppress a subcommand conditionally in clispec

I have a yang file. It renders inline option in possible completions like this:

classification-banner ?
Possible completions:
  inline    Input classification banner message text

I added clispec to render top-level “inline”. There is also one “eof-marker” command in classification-banner inline.
Top-level inline looks like this:
inline classification-banner

It is like this for classification-banner:
classification-banner inline eof-marker eofEntered

But, when classification-banner submode is entered, top level inline is rendered. For example:

localhost(config-classification-banner)# inline
syntax error: expecting
  classification-banner - Input classification banner message

Is there any way to suppress top level command rendering in submode?
Thanks in advance.

Help us help you. It is not entirely clear what your problem is, at least to me; can you post the relevant YANG snippet?