Where can i find info about terms like pathmap, elementmap

Hi ,
In one of the yang file i have seen statements like below


In confd_user_guide i didn’t get description about above statements. Can anyone of you please let me know where can i find information about above statements.

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these seem to be added to yang models via import (prefix:statement), not a core ConfD/yang keywords. Check the prefix “view” in your models to find out what other yang file the statements relate to.

Hi Josephm,

Thanks for the replay. those are coming from another yang file (view.yang).


Yes, that’s what i mean. Try checking that yang file and it’s source to find information about the “keywords” that you need.
(or paste a short sample from that file to get some guidelines here if possible)

Hi @josephm,

I was going through elementmap, I found this question.
Here is snap shot from the file. Please guide me on elementmap.

         leaf vpn-id {
             type uint16 {
                range "1 .. 65534";
                tailf:info "vpn-id[1-65534]; unique per VRF";
             view:pathmap ".";
             view:elementmap "elementmap_vrf_vpn_id";
             tailf:info "vpn-id ; unique per VRF";
             mandatory true;


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as mentioned in previous replies - “elementmap” is not YANG reserved keyword or direct ConfD extension.

The example from YANG module you pasted hints that is is some annotation/extension, adding either YANG compile time or runtime metadata information/functionality.

Thus, you need to get more information from project sources where the YANG comes form,
as this is general ConfD related forum.