Whether the netconf-console only creates one ssh connection session for each edit-config operation

I have one question about the netconf-console ssh connection.

  1. For the below example, after run command 1, the ssh connection will be created, then after run command2,
    1. whether the ssh connection will be re-create,
    2. Or the ssh connection will be maintainer and they will use the same ssh connection?
netconf-console --port=830 -u admin -p admin --db running --edit-config file1.xml

netconf-console --port=830 -u admin -p admin --db running --edit-config file2.xml
  1. Another question, the ConfD implementation code is based on C language, right?


  1. There will be separate SSH connections for each command
  2. The ConfD daemon is written in the Erlang programming language (http://www.erlang.org). There are C, Java and Python versions of the client library.

Hi @jjohansson,
Thanks very much for the response, I got it.