Which version does confd start supporting yang 1.1?

I am currently using confd-6.6.1. It seems it only support Yang 1.0.
Which version does confd start supporting yang 1.1 ?


No, 6.6 (and several earlier versions) does support YANG 1.1, with some exceptions, see the “YANG 1.1” section of the confdc(1) manual page. Perhaps your module is missing the yang-version statement (https://tools.ietf.org/html/rfc7950#section-7.1.2), which must be present in a 1.1 module? Or why do you think 1.1 is not supported?

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You are right. I did miss statement : “yang-version 1.1;” in my yang file. After I added it, it works well.
Thank you very much.

@per where to find this manual page? I did google, but could find one.

The documentation, which includes among many other things manual pages in all of html, pdf (as part of the User Guide document), and “traditional text” format, is included in every ConfD release as a separate tarball confd-VSN.doc.tar.gz along with the installer. If you have that tarball in the current directory when you run the installer, it will be picked up and installed in $CONFD_DIR/doc and $CONFD_DIR/man, and when you have sourced $CONFD_DIR/confdrc, the manual pages will be found by the standard man command. See $CONFD_DIR/README for additional details.