While a confd command, which asks for confirmation, is executed through ansible playbook it is not getting executed

Version used : 6.4.2

I am executing a confd command through ansible playbook.
The command in turn asks for confirmation(yes|no).

The way I am sending commands to confd in asnsible is as follows.This was working fine with confd version 4.7 but not on 6.4.2.

The command here is “system reboot” and “yes” is given for the confirmation question which confd asks.
It works when executed manually but not through the script.

` tasks:

    - name: Reboot
      raw: "system reboot\nyes\n"
      register: status


Hello, I’m not familiar with Ansible playbook, but are you sure this is ConfD realated issue? Can Ansible playbook “answer” such confirmation request from other process?

We use pexpect in similar scenarios and it works OK.