Writing to running db without commit

I have a locked running database and I am trying to change an element.
I am starting a new transaction, setting the element to the desired value and then applying it.
Then I finish the transaction and commit the candidate db.

Is there a way to avoid commiting or at least avoid the commit messages?

If you are using MAAPI to apply (commit) the transaction to the candidate datastore and then the candidate to the running datastore, you can use the system context. From the confd_lib_maapi(3) man page under maapi_start_user_session():

Using the string “system” for context has special significance:
• The session is exempt from all maxSessions limits in confd.conf.
• There will be no authorization checks done by the AAA system.
• The session is not logged in the audit log.
• The session is not shown in ‘show users’ in CLI etc