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Maapi_request_action and tailf:confirm text


Is there a way to programmatically provide the confirmation required by tailf:confirm text when using the maapi_request_action APIs?


There are functions maapi_cli_prompt, maapi_cli_prompt2 and maapi_cli_prompt_oneof which are intended to be called from inside action callpopint when invoked from CLI. See ConfD user guide confd_lib_maapi. Example of maapi_cli_prompt_oneof can be found in examples.confd/cli/c_cli/actions.c (in ConfD premium).


Consider a custom northbound interface invoking maapi_request_action APIs (no CLI in this use case), and a backend that processes the action requests via action callback. How does the northbound interface (written using maapi APIs) issue the confirmation?

Show status Statement in CLI

You can for example do something like this:

  container myContainer {
    tailf:meta-data "myaction-confirm-text" {
      tailf:meta-value "Really want to do this?";
    tailf:action myAction {
      tailf:exec "./" {
      input {
      output {
      tailf:confirm-text 'Really want to do this?' {
	tailf:confirm-default true;

tailf:meta-data example:


We are finding our action never occurs when we have tailf:confirm-text and issue the action via maapi_request_action(), apparently because it is waiting for the confirmation. However, I see no way of passing the confirmation y/n using the maapi_request_action APIs. Can the confirmation be passed programmatically somehow via maapi? Or only confirmed by typing y/n in the CLI?


MAAPI doesn’t wait for confirmation.
See your developer log (set to trace level).

You can print out the resulting values array for debug purposes using something like this:

    char buf[BUFSIZ];
    confd_tag_value_t *values;
    int i, nvalues = 0;

    maapi_request_action(sock, params, nparams, &values, &nvalues, myprefix__ns, "/path/to/action");

    for (i = 0; i < nvalues; i++) {
      confd_pp_value(buf, sizeof(buf), CONFD_GET_TAG_VALUE(&values[i]));
      printf("param %2d: %9u:%-9u, %s\n", i, CONFD_GET_TAG_NS(&values[i]),
             CONFD_GET_TAG_TAG(&values[i]), buf);


The maapi_request_action_str_th() API will fail with an “Aborted: by user” error when the default confirm-text in the Yang Model is set to false. The tailf:cli-batch-confirm-default can be used to override the default (setting to “true”) for non-interactive interfaces including MAAPI.

Can tailf:confirm-text be made conditional?